EASTER activities FOR toddlers [+EASTER BASKET gift IDEAS]

From unique Easter basket gift ideas to fun Easter activities for toddlers we’ve got everything you need for the best springtime celebration yet! best news of all, the basket ideas include minimal sugar and toys that your little one will get some great use out of. as for the activities, we’ve got some creative twists on the classics like egg decorating along with some totally new ideas. Here’s how to plan out an Easter that your little ones will never forget! 

Easter activities for toddlers [+Easter Basket gift Ideas]

With five munchkins in the house ranging from 4 years to 15 years old, you can be sure I have a few toddler Easter celebrations under my belt. The exciting news is there are so many different ways to incorporate Easter and many of them don’t involve sugar!! If you have a toddler you probably agree the less sugary treats the better. Instead, give your tots something fun to do or gift them a toy that will bring them joy for years to come.

Non-Candy Easter Basket gift Ideas

Why We Do One large Easter Gift 

The past few years instead of a bunch of little treats we have selected a larger Easter gift. What I have found is our children are less overwhelmed and overstimulated and they actually enjoy their day more. My older four are 10-15 years old, so they usually get a fun new video game, an outfit, or sports stuff.

Olivia, our youngest, is a toddler and so we usually try and find a toy for her. And, we really focus on finding something that she can use all year long.

2 perfect gifts for toddlers for Easter
Fisher price is one of those brands we have continually purchased over the years. We find their toys to be engaging, fun and they really last! one of Ella’s favorite toys growing up was her tea set so when I came across a newer version of the charming Laugh N learn sweet Manners Tea Set, I knew I had to get it for miss Livvy.

I think this charming set would be the perfect gift for the little one in your life this Easter. Liv loves that it sparks her imagination. She has impromptu tea (and coffee) parties with us and her favorite stuffed animals as well.

Something unique about Fisher price toys is their ability to grow with the child over time. The Laugh N learn sweet Manners  Tea set has three built-in smart stages allowing your child to access different levels of songs, sounds, and phrases as they grow.

Liv was a late communicator, she actually didn’t speak a word until she was almost 3 1/2 years old. So, personally, I love that this charming tea set encourages her to have conversations and to take turns talking too.

I have taken this tactic in my Easter gifting for my nephew this year as well. He is 14 months old and I got him a Fisher price rock A Stack. This is one of my favorite gifts to give because I remember having these when I was a baby.

Did you know the first rock A stack was introduced in the 1960s? αρκετά δροσερό, σωστά;

10 more Non-Candy Easter Basket gift Ideas

Art supplies (crayons, coloring books, paint dotter)
Pool toys (dive sticks, beach balls, water balls, goggles)
Easter Books
Sports gear (velcro catch game, water bottles, cones)
Bath toys (color-changing bathwater tablets, bubble bath, bath toys, and this charming plush hooded towel)
Play-Doh (the actual dough and accessories)
Hair accessories (hairbrush, bows, headbands)
Lego sets or small toy Figures
Outside Play toys (sidewalk chalk, yo-yos)

Shop our Easter Basket favorites here!

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Top 5 unique Easter activities for Toddlers

Cool Whip dyed Eggs

Simply spread the cool whip (or shaving cream) onto a baking sheet, drop food coloring on top using different colors in different sections. Next, take a straw and mix to create a tie-dyed look. Roll an egg into the cool whip on one side, then flip and complete on the other side. let dry for 10-12 minutes and then rinse.

Easter Tower STEM Challenge

If you are trying to find an educational but simple Easter activity, this idea is perfect! There is so much more you can make with plastic Easter eggs than fill them with candy for egg hunts. An excellent option is to separate the plastic egg tops from the bottoms. then give them to your child and allow them to build towers with the egg pieces.

The kids will build several towers and soon realize that by stacking all of the tops or all of the bottoms they are able to create the best towers. It is a fun and educational Easter activity that toddlers will love.

Spring garden Sensory Activity

Sensory bins have always been a favorite in our home. They offer opportunities for toddlers to explore touch, sight, sound, and smell. Plus, many kids love to get their hands in there and feel all the different textures too.

For this activity, you will need a rubber bin or cardboard box to hold everything, brown rice to act as the compost/ soil (or shredded brown paper or brown colored pasta), some shovels, plastic gardening pots, real carrots etc… Your child will have a blast and you’ll get some time to relax. It’s a win/win!

Jelly Bean Experiment

I like to use up some of the candy in our house around Easter time in ways other than eating. That typically involves using candy pieces in our artwork but another fun idea is to use them for your own simple science experiments. For this experiment, you simply have your child divide the jelly beans by color. then you place 3 jelly beans of each color into a small bowl and fill with different liquids. We chose warm water, vinegar, club soda, and water with salt.

Allow the beans to sit for one full day and check on them periodically to see if there are any changes. The kids love to take guesses at which liquid will make the greatest impact.

Egg stamping With Potatoes

This might be my all-time favorite Easter craft for toddlers. It is a simple craft and you probably already have everything you need at home to do it. parents simply cut the bottom portion of a few potatoes off. then slice ridges into the potato. straight lines, squiggly lines use your imagination.

Once the potatoes are sliced simply place them on a covered table with some finger paint and allow your child to stamp away. They turn out pretty cute!

Θέλουμε να ξέρουμε! What are your favorite Easter activities for toddlers?

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