OUR first delighted HALLOWEEN

Why is this woman smiling?

Τελικά. The convergence of low expectations and my children’s age and understanding. We had a fun time over the weekend.

Our first Halloween sucked. I tried to force Holden into a chili pepper costume. Αυτός έκλαψε. I tried to rally him to be in a stroller so I could trick-or-treat with my friends, show him off, and earn candy. No go. We did dress him up in a few costumes like our own private baby doll so that was a little fun. He refused to leave the house. I sat around mopey in my Clifford the big Red pet dog costume and nearly cried. how can a five month old be the boss of me? Wah wah wah. (this site was two weeks old)

chili pepper costume of doom

sleep sack + cap = less crying

Our second Halloween sucked. I gotten him a a lot more comfortable costume (froggy from Old Navy that went on like a sweat suit) but between oblivion and bedtime, there was also zero chance for trick-or-treating. This picture was taken outside of a playground. He doesn’t know he’s wearing a costume. The night ended with me on the couch wishing we could have fun like everyone else. big red pet dog costume no doubt.

the one wear I learn about comfy costumes

Our third Halloween sucked less. Both kids (yes, now there was a new baby in the stroller!) dressed in skeleton jammies (cute!) for the preschool party. A daytime opportunity for costumes and merriment helped me keep all of my eggs out of the Halloween night basket.

 matching costumes easy, photo hard

Our fourth Halloween was fine. We went out with Whitney’s posse to a family-friendly street and trick-or-treated at five houses in the drizzle. Is this what all the fuss was about?

Holden is delighted to go trick-or-treating

Milo gets some use out of the froggie, I have crazy eyes

I have to admit its getting better. We took Milo to five houses and he helped daddy pass out candy to big kids (like it was an honor). We trick-or-treated in our own small neighborhood with one other family. No great expectations. No great drama.

We confiscated a lot of of the candy after allowing 5 pieces a night for 3 nights. We mocked our friends who bothered with the Halloween Fairy (AKA switch witch). Holden was a Superman/Pumpkin for trick-or-treating and just a pumpkin at the preschool party. Milo was a skeleton (jammies for ever!) for trick-or-treating and a puppy for the daytime party.

Homemade pumpkin costume by request (nose on top please)

Toddler puppy costume as borrowed on Facebook at last minute

But this one was fun! The kids helped carve pumpkins and decorate the house. They had full command over their choice of costume. I just did as they asked. Milo wanted to be Spiderman (he lost the mask because of pre-Halloween dress-up play despite my repeated warnings not to lose it); Holden wanted to be a ghost-witch-goblin (whatever that means!). I tried to make plans with friends but we also kept it loose — considering that you can’t really predict what might happen on Halloween night.

I stuck a wire in my hair and went as Pippi Longstocking. Εορταστικός!

The kids were in love with the spirit of trick-or-treating and decorations and staying out in the dark. They each netted 45 pieces of candy in about 20 houses so I really need to give another thought to the Halloween Fairy idea.

Ok, if you’re still with me… please tell me I’m not alone! Please tell me what you’ve tried and failed with your kids for Halloween. and if your anxiety level is going up or down each year.

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