How To cook and eat real Food

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I called a friend . . . and nearly sobbed like a baby. cried like my sons do when scratched by Ruth, our Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy.

Change is hard.  especially when it involves food. 

And that is what I was crying about.

When you leave the prepackaged comfort behind and select nutrition and color . . . είναι δύσκολο.

You have to prepare. Σχέδιο. cut vegetables, get out bowls for fresh fruit snacks, boil eggs, sprinkle cinnamon on top of warm muffins . . .

Πλένετε τα πιάτα . . .

But it can be done.  and I want to tell you how you can learn to do this faster than I did (6 years in the making.)

For several years it felt like our family was in the middle of Kansas with no car in sight. I didn’t know lots of who were eating like us, cloth diapering, checking out Farmer’s Markets, pulverizing baby food, making laundry detergent . . . or whatever else I have provided on my frugal organic pull down menu.

It was a lonely place filled with trial and error.  Some U-turns. 

That is why I started Granola mommy 4 God.  (Well, one of the reasons.)  and why I began reading healthy mommies Magazine. 

I didn’t want to continue to travel alone.  a lot more importantly, I didn’t want any individual else to travel alone.

Well, now there is actually a class that you can take to jump start your journey into real food, whole food, nourishing food . . .

Ετσι . . . if you want to begin your whole foods journey but don’t know where to start, let me introduce you to Kelly, the kitchen Kop. She is using a class to show you. . . to walk you through the steps towards real Food. . . she will give you some ideas so that you can learn how to change.

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It’s titled the real Food for Rookies Class.

The cost of the class is $145 . . . but by using the  voucher code REALFOOD you will receive another $25 off!

A total savings of $70!

If you are just starting OUT or are curious as to how to bring real food into your home . . . Kelly has some priceless information to pass on to you.

In 12 weeks you’ll learn how To:

Save time and money while serving real Food

Read labels and avoid hazardous ingredients

Make nourishing “fast food” meals to avoid last-minute trips to the drive-thru

Find healthier alternatives for soda pop, refined sugars, heart-killer oils, sugar-bomb breakfast cereals, factory farmed meat and a lot more

Serve nutrient-dense foods that are needed for good health

Take control of your health and change your family’s future!

click here to see a in-depth class description

In short, if you need a hand understanding how to navigate whole foods or real foods, allow Kelly to be your GPS. Εγγραφείτε εδώ! (And please let me know if you do so that I can encourage you in your journey!)


Use voucher code REALFOOD to receive $25 off the promotional price! Valid until Monday at midnight Eastern standard Time!

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