I feel like it’s Friday, but the calendar tells me it’s not. We Rookie moms have had a big month. and I’m talking about April (let’s just pretend I wrote this post on may 1st.) We had three real-life events with our bloggy friends.

1) Heather and her teammates for The Relay ran 200 miles in two days. Calling themselves “Eat- Blog- Run”, they hit the ground running in sparkly skirts in Calistoga, CA and finished two days later in Santa Cruz.

Here is the roster of lovelies who participated:

Brenna from Barefoot Brenna

Christine from Boston Mamas

Meg from Fox and Bunny and Woodpecker Stew

Sherry + Samantha from GarzaGirls

Kelly from just Spotted

Kari from Karianna Spectrum

Emmie from Life Behind the Curve

Marie from Make and Takes

Linsey from Me too You

Carrie from This mama Makes Stuff

Jane, driver extraordinare, from this week for Dinner

2) I “helped a mother out”. At a party put together by help A mother Out and sponsored by Huggies (thank you!) we raised enough money to buy over 17,000 diapers for women who need help with their daily expenses. I met Kelly Tirman, a very sweet rookie mom and blogger who takes better pictures than I do. She’s got a few of her gorgeous daughter at the party.

Best party favor: Amber Wolf of WizBang photography in SF took this picture of me and my rookie kid.

3) Finally, last night, Heather and I attended *Mommy Boot Camp* in the form of a seminar taught by Kristen Chase, author of Mominatrix. I learned that I should buy new lingerie. (How did I forget this in just one year?)

Before the event, Kristen was completely wonderful to my children and hung out in my backyard for a couple of hours.

In case you missed anything, here’s what we posted this month.

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Τρώω. Blog. Τρέξιμο. Is this weekend.

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